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Make a chic, individual fashion statement – Coachell( https://www.thetaylorsauce.com/festival-fun/ )festival has really evolved in terms of fashion over the past 5 years that I have been going so have fun with your personal style
Total look; denim anything; flowing pieces; cool fabrics; bold prints; lace; embroidered details and color!
Bring a jacket as the desert gets cold at night and I always love these pieces to complete a look as the sun goes down – the crazier the better; this year I opted for metallics like this one… here
Your dancing shoes – boots and sneakers are always best as you want to be comfortable but look great at the same time!
Accessorize without overdoing it – sunglasses and hats are a must to shade the heat and always bring a bandana to prevent breathing in too much dust from the wind!
Backpacks (not too big) are always a great solution for getting around all day long and dancing the night away!
A great moisturizer and sunscreen as the desert is so dry, and don’t forget to drink lots of water to stay hydrated, I love tinted CC creams like this one… here

Make sure you visit the town of Palm Springs as it has amazing mid-century modern architecture and amazing desert scenery, and my favorite – lots of palm trees!
Rent a car through here and register for discounted car insurance here
Plan your party and get organized – don’t miss your favorite band or DJ because you are trying to find your friends or stuck in traffic!
Check out the cool art installations that change every year and are always so inspiring, and are great for photos…
Go on the ferris wheel – this is iconic Coachella and has an amazing view, especially at sunset!


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